Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Wild Hare and a Happy Dog

Today I ended up discussing hares with my friend Maytheweed.  We were looking at some art work depicting them and wondering if we should put our hands into our pockets and cough up.

As part of the conversation I commented that while I really liked one of the pieces, I’d rather spend the money on getting one of my hare shots printed up on canvas.  She wasn’t sure which image I was talking about, so here it is.  I just love the tilt of his head.


It’s a wild hare which I photographed last summer in a field in Perthshire, Scotland.  You can find it along with some of my other animal images in my Animal gallery on smugmug.

I love photographing animals and I often take my camera out with me while walking the dogs.  Much to my delight my furry friends don’t get fed up of my lens being pointed at them, which is a good things as I do it a lot.


These two shots were taken in Ipswich during the lovely sunshine last weekend.


Given Jakes broken leg last year I feared he’d never be up to a trip down the woods again.  Seeing him running about certainly brought a tear to my eye.  It’ll be a while longer before I’ll be throwing a ball for him, but he’s running round and enjoying himself.  Seeing him so happy is all the reward I need to erase the memories of all those sleepless nights.

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