Monday, 21 March 2011

Location 3 – Mistley Towers

Remember I mentioned a third location when I went out Luna Watching?  Well this is it.  Mistley Towers.


I’ve been thinking about photographing it for years.  So while I had all my stuff in the car (including two doggies) for photographing the moon, I decided to make this location number 3.

They originally formed part of a church (St Mary the Virgin) and stood at either side of the front.  Not a standard church design in my experience, especially in this part of the world.  It was designed in 1776 by Robert Adam for Richard Rigby who apparently wanted to turn Mistley into a spa town.  Not entirely sure why as the Essex coast doesn’t say spa town to me, but then I’m living here over 300 years later.


Anyway the towers are now Grade 1 listed and form a well known local landmark about 100m or so from the Mistley Thorn of Mathew Hopkins Witchfinder General fame.  I drive past them on the way to some of the dogs favourite walks but I think they look best at night.

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  1. Great photos. And Mistley Towers are also very close to the Hopping Bridge (where they did the potential-witch-dunking thing). At least at that time of night most of the swans are asleep and not deciding to cross the road just as you're driving along!!