Friday, 25 March 2011

I’ll be quilting again soon…

Recently I made my first quilted items and I love them.  Two quilted cushion covers, they were so much fun.  I made them out of a couple of Charm Square packs bought off the internet, so there was minimal cutting out needed.  Then I found some fat quarters of the same material in a local fabric shop.  So, given how much I enjoyed my first quilting experience, I decided it was time for some online shopping.  I had the material already after all.  But lets be honest, cutting it up into small squares by hand with a pair of scissors simply wasn’t going to be accurate enough.



Result…  I obviously ‘needed’ a cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler.  Give me a little while and I can usually justify ‘needing’ anything I actually want hehe…


Soon the goodies were on their way via the post and today I picked the last one up from the sorting office.  The A2 cutting mat didn’t want to fit through my letter box for some reason, funny that.


So I suppose I should really decide upon a design and sizing for the runner now before I start playing with my new toys…

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  1. Maybe you need to get a bigger letterbox :)
    I'm teaching at Quilters Haven on April 2nd if you want to come over - we could swap rotary cutting stories hehe!!!