Monday, 28 March 2011

Feeling Clever…

Isn’t it amazing how something as easy as copying and pasting html code can make you feel clever.  If I’ve done it correctly then you should now be able to see some snazzy animated photo buttons on the right of my blog which I believe will automatically update themselves over time as I update my smugmug galleries.

So just to really tempt the html code fates I’m going to try and paste them below as well.

Now off to make a cup of tea and tell the dogs all about it.  They will naturally confirm how clever I’ve been in the hopes that it will get them a doggie treat…


  1. Ooh - clever! I really must try to get to grips with all these blogging tools!

  2. Brilliant! I need a tutorial on doing stuff like this - I tried to add a 'badge' to my blog and all I got was teh code, not the picture!

  3. The code is actually from which is a photography/image site so I'm afraid I can't take much credit for it. :S

  4. Wow - this is great :) Your photos are fab!!