Sunday, 6 March 2011

I’m finally tweeting…


Up until now I’ve resisted twitter.  It’s always appeared rather confusing compared to the likes of Facebook and every time I’ve looked at it I’ve decided to close down the computer and put on the kettle.

However this time I was determined to be brave and persevere.  So far I’ve made it farther into the world of tweeting than ever before.  Of course this only means that I’ve managed to set up an account and make my first tweet, so it’s not as impressive as it sounds.

Unfortunately Mara is taken, as is Mara72, ditto for Fantasia and so I’ve gone for fantasiayarns and I believe it’s common to put an @ sign before to show it’s a user name.  So if I’ve got this right I’m now @fantasiayarns

Unfortunately the gadget that places the ‘follow me on twitter’ little button on the side of your blog doesn’t seem to be working, boo hiss… So I’ll just say that I’ll add it when it’s fixed but in the meantime if you’re a twitter user let me know!