Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A bag for the fair…


Recently I’ve been looking for a shoulder bag.  I have a lovely tote bag which was a present from Maytheweed, but since it says ‘I knit so no one has to die’ on the side it’s not really suitable for strolling down the High Street.  I’ve been wanting something a little more dressy.  You know the sort, big enough to get all your stuff in without having to resort to a rucksack.  Well given my monumental failure to find anything that was just right I decided to make one instead.


It’s very much based on the free pattern on the Lula Louise website with a little bit of tweaking.  For instance I used an interfacing to give it more rigidity and also added an interior pocket.  The fabric came from a local fabric shop and was even in the sale.  Normally when I wander round and just look for what I like you can guarantee that I’ll gravitate towards the most expensive stuff they stock.  So I was delighted to see this was in the sale.


You can probably just see that the fabric has a pattern and I knew straight away I wanted this to run vertically on the bag rather than horizontally.  This necessitated buying much more fabric in order to cut the pattern in the correct orientation.  The side effect is that I have quite a lot left over, which can be used for something else.  How tragic is that hehe…


Named the ‘Cream Rose Bag’ for obvious reasons it’s first outing was last weekend to the Bead Fair.  In general I’m was very happy with it, although if I was to make another I would look into one of those magnetic bag fasteners, just for that added piece of mind. 

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  1. Love your bag - it looks great :)
    have you tried Lisa lam's website and blog??
    She has loads of bag making stuff, and has free downloads on her blog.