Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Taking advantage of modern technology

Given my recent problems with my phone line it’s brought back to life all my anxieties of loosing data in the digital world.  All those precious photos lost in computer crashes and failures.  Photos of loved ones I’ll never see again…


So fuelled by all these fears I’ve been doing some digging online for possible solutions.  My main concern is photos as these are what I get most upset about when lost.  I’ve tried various solutions in the past but none have really been able to quieten down that nagging little voice that sits on your shoulder whispering horrible things in your ear.


Part of that solution (which I’m currently trialling, but fairly sure I’m going to stump up the cash for it) is called Smugmug.  This is an online site aimed primarily at photographers to store and display their work.  Thing is they allow unlimited storage and unlike some sites, will also store the full size image and allow you to download it again later.  As such you can use it as backup storage as well.


Of course you need a user name and given I have Fantasia Yarns I decided to go for Fantasia Photos.  So I shall be spending quite a bit of my near future sorting through images and uploading them.  This will include quite a lot of photos of yarn!  (See I can make this craft related if I try).


If you’d like to check out the site you can find it here.  Or if you’d like to check out my photos you can find them here they’re not all yarn related but an increasing number of them will be over the coming days...

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