Tuesday, 22 March 2011


I’ve been looking forward to writing this blog for some time.  I’m joining Fibreholics as a contributor.


You can find out about them on their website.  It’s a way for people to sample many independent dyers at the same time, you simply buy a sample bag of fibre or yarn.  Each bag contains lots of different samples.


The bags become available every 2 months and often sell out fast.  The next round is due out the beginning of April and will contain some Fantasia Yarn.  Or at least it will provided the post man gets them there in time!


These are some of the sample skeins they’re all Ariel sock yarn which is 100% Blue Faced Leicester.  I’ve become rather attached to these little fellows and have taken to referring to them as my baby pet skeins…. Happy to go to new homes, don’t require much in the way of feeding or walkies, just the occasional fondle hehe…

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