Sunday, 20 March 2011

Luna Watching

So did you have a look at the moon last night?  Wasn’t it beautiful!  Just after 6pm I packed the dogs and camera into the car then headed out.  I’d decided upon 3 locations for the evening and started at the one closest to home.  I had to smile when we arrived and I saw someone else with a tripod, obviously with the same plan.

The hope was to get some shots with the moon close to the horizon with the river Stour in the foreground.  WWWWeeeeelllllll it didn’t work.  British Rail (or whoever operates the trains in the local lines) simply didn’t play ball, between rogue trains and power lines I couldn’t get the shot I had in my mind.

Still such is life, so onto glamourous location number 2.  I say glamourous as it was actually a muddy field a few miles from the village where I live.  It’s advantage however was that there were no power lines and I could set up right next to where I parked.  The dogs selflessly agreed to guard the inside of the car (which was nice and warm) while I set up and tried again.  This location was to be a straight moon shot.


A definite improvement on the shot at Scone don’t you think!  For those of you who might like to know, this was at f/11, for 1/90’s, ISO100 and with a 200mm Lens.

So I’m feeling very happy to finally have a Luna shot I’ve taken myself.  Of course I could have continued fiddling about with the camera and taking more shots, but to be honest all I wanted to do was gaze up at this amazing wonder.  Eventually however, the cold seeped in through all my layers of clothing and it was time to get back in the car and turn the heater up full blast.  The car’s thermometer was displaying –3 degrees C, and I believe it.  I did make it to location number 3 but that’s a whole other story and a very different image.


  1. Wow that's a great pic :) the moon was certainly looking beautiful last night.

    I'm amazed you only neede 1/90s at ISO100, I'd have assumed much longer exposures or higher ISO. But then I guess the moon is bright itself.

  2. This picture is beautiful - I could gaze at it for ages - wow!! Hope you've warmed up by now!!