Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Trouble with Tribbles…

Anyone remember Tribbles?  Those furry little things that do nothing but eat, reproduce and trill when stroked from Star Trek.  Well recently I decided to make a furry doorstop for my bedroom.  I’ve been using one of my beautiful old stone hot water bottles for the job but I’d much rather have it in the bed with me warming my toes.


It was something I’d been thinking about for a while but I simply wasn’t sure what to fill it with.  I mean the obvious thing would be sand but that seemed as if it would be very messy.  Besides I worried that sand might seep through the seams.  Then I came across a posting on the Flossie Teacakes Blog where she mentions using rice for the job. Rice! And so I dug out the white fur fabric that I used to make my furry pillow cases and got cutting.  I decided upon a pyramid design and added a tab of white satin ribbon neat the top to make it easier to pick up.


Thing is it’s so cute I’ve now decided that I want one for the bathroom and I’m imagining eyes on the front.  Maybe I really have produced a Tribble and soon my home will be over run with them.


The cats and dogs are very intrigued by it.  Although as yet the dogs haven’t decided exactly what it is.  It’s been sniffed and snuffled at, and even used as a head rest, but the best bit is that it’s performing it’s door duties admirably and freeing the hot water bottle to fulfil it’s design purpose as well.



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