Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Clock of Ages

If you had a clock that was designed to run for 10,000 years what would you call it?  I’d go with the ‘Clock of Ages’.  Well there are plans to build a purely mechanical clock that will run that long and the first prototype can be found in the Science Museum.


It was built by The Long Now Foundation which seeks to promote long term thinking.  As I wandered around the museum last week there were only 4 exhibits I went back to, and this was one.  I’d never heard of it but was attracted to it’s stunning face, that’s what prompted me to wander over to it’s glass case.  I just love beautifully made mechanical things.


I hope they get to build the big version which will be called the ‘Clock of the Long Now’.  Just thinking about it brings to mind all sorts of fantasy and post apocalyptic plots and story lines.  How cool would it be if this clock turned into a sort of Stonehenge for the people of the year 5000……

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