Friday, 17 June 2011

Star Kitty Pin Cushion


Among my friends we have a few sayings that tend to come up a lot.  Two of them are :

“Amazon is our friend……”


“Amazon is evil……”

The first refers to when you find something on Amazon cheaper than you would pay in the shops.  The second is for when you subsequently spend the money you’ve saved on more stuff from Amazon.

These facts of life recently led me down the path which had a Star Kitty Pincushion at the end (there is a link honest, you’ll just have to bear with me ok).  I was online to buy a quilting book recommended by a friend and up popped another book on the evil Amazon. ‘It’s Quilting Cats & Dogs’ by Lynette Anderson.  You know what happened next don’t you.  Evil Amazon ‘forced’ me to buy it.

I then spent about a week browsing through it, generally admiring and dreaming about making some of these beautiful items.  Then one evening I had some time and decided to get stuck in.  It’s a little different to the one in the book as I didn’t slavishly follow the pattern.  It’s also a much brighter kitty, the ones in the book are all in beautifully co-ordinated pastel shades, but I’m quite pleased with the results.

There are a few changes I’ll make when I do the next one (yup there will definitely be a next one) but over all I rather like my new kitty pin cushion.


  1. Aww love it! :) Evil amazon is redeemed through the power of cute kitties.

  2. Please please bring it over to show me :)