Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Pretty Birdcage

This past week I took my mother away for a few nights in the new caravan.  We decided upon a venue not to far away, so off we went to the very picturesque Framlingham in Suffolk.  Then I remembered hearing about a new fabric and yarn shop in that area, a few texts later I had directions.


The shop is called The Pretty Birdcage (I have no idea why) and it’s down a little alley off the Market Square.  They stock yummy fabric and squishy yarn.  What more could a girl ask for?  Ah yes… a chair for my mother to sit on while I decided what to spend my money on.  Chairs for elderly mothers are always a good idea hehe…

First up were the fabrics.  Their range isn’t as large as some other fabric shops around the county, but since they’ve only been open a few months what do you expect.  That said there was plenty for my mother to choose from as she fancies another craft roll similar to the other one I made.

We weren’t rushed and after a little while (and many bolts of fabric being taken to the chair for inspection) she settled on these.


The top fabric is much prettier in real life and will form the outside of the roll.  The plain blue is for the lining.


In fact this pattern was available in a few colours and I much preferred the green version but since it isn’t for me I kept quiet.

Next up was the yarn.  I mean you didn’t really expect me to go into a yarn shop and not buy any did you?


3 balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino leaped off the shelves and demanded I bring them home.  I recently discovered that a friend had not only got married, but become a father and ‘forgot’ to tell me!  Am I hurt about this? Yes.  However it’s not the baby's fault (it’s his idiot fathers) and so I’m thinking a knitted squishy bear or something.

The choice of colours was a difficult one.  This bear will be emigrating to Quatar once finished and I have no idea if it’s blue for boys over there.  That said should I even pick blue just because he’s a boy?  These were questions I didn’t think I could answer stood in the shop, so decided to pick colours I liked and felt would ‘hold the muck’ well.  Now where did I put that bear patter……?


  1. Glad you found the shop!! Sorry my directions weren't better - I was in a meeting when you txted me!!

  2. They did the job and I found it :-D So many crafty projects and so little time....