Thursday, 16 June 2011

Always time for tea…

There is something quintessentially English about drinking tea.  It doesn’t matter where the tradition started, or where this wonderful plant is grown, as a nation we’ve made it ours.  Oh coffee is popular and I have nothing against it – except I’m allergic so it makes me rather sick.  There is always some at home for visitors, but for me it has to be a lovely cup of tea.


I usually have at least two varieties in the cottage so I can choose the one that best suits my mood.  My favourite is Assam.  Fabulous colour and a taste to dye for, especially when you’re soaked through and in need of warming up.  Ceylon is delicate and easy going, perfect for a chilled out Sunday morning.  Darjeeling is one I can take or leave dependant upon my mood.  English Breakfast is an outstanding all rounder it’s impossible to object to.  You get the idea.

All that said, how you drink tea is important as well.  A plastic mug just won’t do.  I know some people insist upon bone china, but given my beasties it’s rather impractical.  Hence my choice is a decent ceramic mug or cup.  I prefer a cup but sometimes only a mug will do as volume is important.


Enter my new breakfast tea cup and saucer.  I found them in a charity shop recently and just fell in love.  I love the colours and bold brush strokes.  I also love the shape of the cup which will allow my tea to cool quickly so I can drink it all before I have to leave for work.  The walls of the cup are thick enough to give it plenty of strength, but the over all effect isn’t chunky.


Of course it doesn’t just have to be for breakfast…… It works equally well when I get in from work.  Speaking of which I do believe it’s time to put the kettle on again for another cuppa……

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