Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Sad Little Smile

Well this is a difficult post.  I’ve been sorting through some old backup files and decided I couldn’t put off sorting through a particular bunch of images any longer.


My father passed away a few years ago and I controversially decided to photograph his funeral.  It was a decision that many in my family didn’t really understand, but fortunately they kept their muttering about it out of my ear shot.  When stressed and emotional I’m not a person to cross.

In fact it was the stress and raw emotion that led me to pick up my camera.  Looking through the lens helped place a level of unreality on the day providing a coping mechanism.


The day passed in a blur and afterwards the images provided a focus for the grief to flow.  I’m a great believer in allowing yourself to grieve.  Bottling it up doesn’t help anyone.


The shots are far from my best but they serve their purpose.  I’ve not looked at them for quite some time but their effect on me is still strong.  However they don’t trigger tears anymore, but a smile…

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