Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mollie Makes

Last weekend I came across a copy of the second issue of Mollie Makes which people have been raving about.  It’s a new British craft magazine.  On the spine it says

Red heartmaking Red heartthrifting Red heartcollecting Red heartcrafting”

So I figured why not and bought it.  I eagerly started to riffle through later that evening as I had heard so much praise for the first issue.


Unfortunately this is where it all started to loose it’s shine.  I’m afraid to say I was rather disappointed.  Perhaps it was all the fuss I’d heard about it raising my expectations, that sort of thing.  I found myself shaking my head a lot and asking ‘why?’ 

Now I’m not saying it wasn’t beautifully produced.  It was.  They also clearly have a look and feel worked out for it all.  There were some beautiful photographs and little projects to provide food for thought.

It’s just that at £4.99 I didn’t feel it engaged me enough to cough up that amount of money on a regular basis.  I agree that there is a gap in the market which I’d love to see filled by a British magazine…… I’m just not sure this is it.

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  1. I also felt slightly disappointed, and wrote a very similar blog post to yours yesterday. Not enough makes included, and not enough variety in the makes, I think. Still, it's nice to have magazine choices, no?