Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A variation on a ‘Surprise’

My friend Ann has just published a new sock pattern over on Ravelry and her blog.  It’s a toe up with a little mystery twist.  The result is that you won’t be sure what it’ll look like till you try it.  This is based on altering the pattern as the colours change with a variegated yarn, so every yarn will give you something slightly different.

I’ve decided to do my own little variation on it.  A sock for my portable hard drive!


I’m using the yarn left over from a pair of socks I made last summer which moves through white, pale blue and lilac.  I’ve chosen to use the white as the highlight colour.  This means if the yarn is white I purl, anything else is a knit.

It’s coming along quickly and I expect to have it finished soon.  Ideas like this make wonderful tv knitting Smile

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