Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Someone Please Remind Me

Could someone please remind me why I love my dogs?  I mean what is it that convinces me to put up with all the mayhem they cause?

Why am I asking this right now?  Well I’m just recovering from being ill.  In fact I currently can’t even pop the kettle on without having to sit down from the coughing and dizziness.  (But believe me this is a vast improvement on the two weeks I looked like an extra from a Zombie movie)  So you can imagine how overjoyed I was when Pebbles decided to go on the rampage this morning.  There were casualties, my favourite lamp, two duvets, my sanity……

There was also doggie smell making.  I’ll spare you the details as I’m sure you can imagine.  Mind you, the cats were funny at this point, haughtily demanding to be let out the front away from such offensive gases.

So I come back to my original question – why do I love this fur spreading, possession destroying, attention demanding creature…….

pebbles 2

Hmmmm….  must be that cute little face and her ability to convince me that her entire world revolves around me.  At least until her next rampage…..


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  2. What a sweet face! Of course her world does revolve around you. How lonely we would be without our fur family. (TWO duvets?)

  3. Teresa - Thanks I'll give that a try :-)

    Leigh - Yeah I've had two duvets on my bed because of being so cold this last few weeks with the flu. Of course she's been forgiven, I can't stay mad at that face!