Wednesday, 23 February 2011


swift-7I’ve got a shiny new swift!  Ok ok it’s not shiny, and it’s not new, but you get the idea.  A swift, for those non-yarn obsessed among us, is a sort of spinning thing that you can use to help you wind yarn into balls or cakes ready for use.

If you don’t have one you end up draping the yarn over the back of a chair, using a friend to hold it, or in my case wrapping it over your knees which then have to be held an at unnatural angle so it doesn’t fall off.  Not an activity to be done in a skirt or in front of people (unless you don’t mind looking more than a little stupid).

Anyway after using a beautiful wooden swift belonging to a friend, I was sold and wanted my own.  However, a quick internet search revealed that unless I wanted a metal one, (my heart was set on wood), I might have to part with a little bit more money that I’d anticipated.  Enter the ebay stalking.


Eventually this one came up for sale.  It was listed as ‘vintage’ but the photos made it look remarkably new.  The price was right and so I clicked on the ‘bid now’ button.  Soon it was winging it’s way to my eager hands.


I’m still not sure about the ‘vintage’ bit as the wood looks remarkably clean and unused, but, I don’t care.  It’s pretty and I love it.  No doubt the next few days will involve lots of yarn winding hehe…

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