Saturday, 5 February 2011

Blowing someone's trumpet…

One facet of being British is that we’re often raised to believe it’s unseemly to blow your own trumpet.  If you watch our athletes at the Olympics they don’t do the celebratory strutting that some other nations are known for.  That said, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a celebratory strut, just that it’s not a large part of our national psyche.

I find it particularly difficult to ‘blow my trumpet’.  I even find writing my c.v. a harrowing experience and have quite a few friends who are exactly the same.  So I thought perhaps I should get the trumpet out for one of them……

Ann is a fabulously creative knitter who has recently sold some patterns to a national knitting magazine.  They are due out later in the year but she’s not telling a sole about it.  Even people at our local knitting groups! Now I’m sure part of this is worry that something may happen and they won’t get used.  However, I suspect a larger reason is that British affliction.  She doesn’t feel able to blow her own trumpet. 


This sock pattern is called Billie and isn’t one of the ones that has been accepted by that magazine I was talking about.  She has loads of lovely patterns like this sitting in the corner in a big file.


Now don’t you think that is a crying shame?  They range in difficulty from what I would say is beginner (as in your first pair of patterned socks) through to OMG I’d never be able to knit that!  Although I’ll admit that given her creativity it is nice to know she suffers from the same difficulties as the rest of us when it comes to photographing her own feet hehe. I keep telling her that she should write some of these patterns up and put them on Ravelry. 

Anyway she’s recently (after a bit of nagging) started a blog and I hope that she’ll have lots of her wonderful knitted stuff up there soon……

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