Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Branching Out…


Recently I decided to have a look back through all the patterns I’ve bookmarked or highlighted as ones I want to try, and came across this one.  It’s a free pattern from knitty.com called Branching Out.

It’s a pretty easy pattern and given how my brain has been befuddled by my sickness I decided it looked perfect.  So I dug out some silk yarn and cast on.

branching-out-1The pattern is free and is in written instructions and chart form.  I’ve been using that chart and it’s really easy to follow.


Like a lot of lace patterns the wrong side rows are all the same (knit the border and then purl the rest) which makes this a 5 row repeating pattern.


Of course you can do as many repeats as you like and my plan is to just keep knitting until I run out of yarn.


Then I’m going to try spray blocking, which I’ve never done before.  Come to that I’ve never tried to block silk either!  I’ll let you see the results when it’s finished.  Unless of course it’s a complete disaster, in which case I’ll pretend it never happened and the scarf doesn’t exist hehe…

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  1. Ooh shiny... :) I've looked at that pattern too. It might work well in the alpaca sock you dyed... hmm