Friday, 11 February 2011

Basket of Yarn

Tomorrow is one of the (roughly) quarterly Saturday get-togethers at Frating in Essex which is organised by people from the local groups.  It’s a fabulous day that involves knitting, cake, spinning, cake, chatting, cake, tea and cake.  Did I mention the cake?


Well unfortunately given my current lergy infected state (I can’t stand for very long without going all faint) I can’t go.  However one of the other ladies has kindly agreed to take some of my yarn along.  Hence my basket of yarn.


basket-5I really do like seeing them together like that.  This is mainly sock yarn in BFL and a Merino/Silk blend.  I’ve decided to keep the Alpaca that’s left for myself.  But it doesn’t make up for missing all the cake….

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