Monday, 11 April 2011

Things I’ve learnt about quilting

Recently I embarked on a Top Gear style ‘How hard can it be!’ adventure into the wonderful world of quilting.  I’m still very much just setting out on this journey but thought I’d share a few thoughts with you anyway……

  1. First time out it’s much easier to buy a Charm Square pack.  These are pieces of co-ordinated fabric that are already cut to a size you can use.  I’m glad I did this first time…. Why?
  2. Cutting out the fabric is a little harder than it looks at first.  Especially if you’re trying to do it on the floor.  This is a bad move and it’s much easier if you use a table or kitchen work surface (obviously with a cutting mat underneath)
  3. If you’re using a rotary cutter roll it away from yourself.  This is a hot tip from Nicola Foreman rather than something I’ve learnt from experience.  The reason is that you have major arteries in the groin area of your leg and a rotary cutter is sharp!  (You can imagine the rest of this one)
  4. Buy a ruler the right size.  I wasn’t to sure about which size to buy so just took a guess.  Now I wish I’d bought one slightly wider as it will make working out the sizes a little easier.  Still buying the wrong size simply means you have a reason to go shopping again hehe…
  5. You can never, NEVER have to many pins….

and on that note since the sun has gone in, I’m going to fire up the sewing machine and liberate some of the pins currently holding pieces of fabric together whoop whoop…..

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  1. I agree about the pins - I would like to pin everything, tack then sew but I have to do this in shifts. I know some people just pin but I keep stabbing myself! I have been looking at rotary cutters wondering how they cut without dragging, I guess that is because they are scalpel sharp!