Saturday, 2 April 2011

A nice day out…

Today started badly as I decided to use my new cutting mat and rotary cutter to cut some squares ready to make a patchwork runner for my bed.  It did not go well. In fact the phrase ‘pigs ear’ springs to mind.

However, things started to look up as I met up with a friend and headed to Quilters Haven for a spot of shopping.  This it turns out was a good move.  Perhaps not good for my bank balance, but after a stressful week I figured it was ok to spoil myself.

Fortunately between Debs (very friendly sales lady who was a fount of helpful tips) and Nicola Foreman (waves ‘Hi’ at Nicola) I came home much more confident and ready to have another go.


The results were much more respectable and I’m even vaguely confident that they may be useable!

This was my first visit to Quilter Haven and it was full of yummy fabrics, many of which were shouting ‘buy meeeee, buy meeeeeee’ from the shelves.  In fact if anything the problem was too much choice.  I mean, how do you decide?


I think part of it is that I’m used to thinking in terms of one or maybe two fabrics for a project.  Suddenly my brain was confronted with having to process 5, 6, 7 or even 8!  Add in my inexperience with quilts and it was hard to visualise what I could turn some of these beautiful fabrics into.


I did buy some lovely things which I’ll blog about separately, but I couldn’t resist taking a quick photo of one of the fat quarter packs I bought which my mind is telling me should be a throw for the armchair in my bedroom.  I think I need to get a bit better at the cutting out first though……

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  1. Hiya - it was great to meet you today!! Maybe next time we can do lunch???