Thursday, 21 April 2011

Investigating a new edition to the family….

I’m sure I mentioned last week was rather busy.  One reason for this was my mother was visiting, and together we went Caravan hunting.  I’ve been talking about it for about a year now and it’s finally happened.  Yes, I have officially joined the ranks of Jeremy Clarkson’s most hated people – Caravaners!


Fire getting comfortable during the ‘inspection’.

She’s a beautiful old girl in excellent condition and I hope she’ll help to liberate me from the cottage with the dogs.  I’ve stayed at B&B’s with Jake (who is in general a good boy) but the thought of taking him AND Pebbles filled me with dread.  In fact the thought of them together in that sort of situation has been enough to stop me even trying to visit places on my ‘must see’ list.

Fire-van 2

Checking out the view from the door

So a little mobile home of my own with an awning for the doggies seemed perfect.  Of course the cats wanted to investigate as soon as it arrived.

Last night I went to sit in the van, which is on the drive, and try to get a better feel for her.  Naturally she needs new upholstery and things like that making.  Not because there is anything wrong with the condition of the current fabric, but simply because I have two large furry people who will track dirt in after walkies.  Removable and machine washable covers seem like a very good idea.  It’s also a good excuse to do some crafting hehe…


Showing a friend (Salem) the new pad

Fire was the first in and quickly started investigating.  In general he seemed to approve and was quickly showing Salem around like an old pro.  Salem was a bit more interested in having a snooze on my lap though, much to Fires annoyance.  In fact he’s actually on my lap in the photo above (you can just see the green of a hand knit sock about half way up on the left).


Checking out the emergency exits

The windows open quite wide which is perfect if you’ve a cat who prefers not to use doors.


and of course the mandatory rear end shot

So I’m now dreaming of all the wonderful throws and things I can make.  Of course before I can do that I need to decide on a colour scheme.  A quick mooch round some local fabric shops last week with my mother and Maytheweed showed that finding the perfect ‘base’ fabric is going to be harder than I first thought.  I'm looking for something more contemporary than the existing fabric, but not so modern it looks silly.

No doubt whatever I choose will be carefully inspected by Fire……

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  1. Your cats are beautiful! And the caravan isn't bad either - happy holidaying x