Monday, 25 April 2011

Oooooo an Award!

Oh my, I’ve been nominated for a blog award!  My flabber has never been so ghasted.  The nomination comes from Nicola Foreman who makes the most amazing quilts.


Now as I understand it, as part of this I am to share 7 facts about myself you wouldn’t know and I can then nominate five other blogs.

Ok then here goes – 7 facts you never wanted to know about me…

  1. I grew up in the mining colliery where they filmed Billy Elliot.  It’s a little place called Easington Colliery right on the coast of County Durham in the North East of England.  I have many fond memories of walking along the beach and cliff tops there with my grandfather as a small child.  The beach was black with coal from the colliery (called sea coal) and now when I go home seeing a normal coloured beach seems wrong somehow.
  2. I love all animals except spiders.  Don’t ask me why, phobias don’t have to be reasonable or rational.  In fact when at university some friends tried to ‘cure’ me of my arachnophobia by taking me to see the film of the same name.  They later said they were impressed there were no screams coming from my direction until they realised I was literally paralysed with fear.  I only lasted a few minutes after the opening credits when they kindly helped me out.
  3. One of my most prized possessions is an old furry blanket.  It’s double sided and shows two horses heads on it.  This is not because I’m a horsey person, but because it was bought for me when I was very small by my grandfather.  It’s lasted remarkably well considering it’s been my favourite blanket for as long as I can remember.  It’s not just hidden away in storage either, I use it all the time.
  4. Speaking of horses, I’ve always wanted to learn to ride.  I’ve haven’t though as I can’t really afford a horse and if I started riding I’d want my own one.
  5. I have been known to read Norwegian when drunk.  Don’t understand a word of it when sober, but I seem to have the ability when intoxicated.  I assume it’s something to do with hearing the strong northern dialects while I was a child.  I know these owe much to the Scandinavian languages so I’m guessing that’s the connection.
  6. I find it difficult to sleep alone.  I can usually manage it for one or two nights but after that insomnia sets in.  Fortunately Fire the cat selflessly sacrifices himself and agrees to sleep on the bed.  I’ve always been like this and could only sleep as a child if the dog was allowed to sleep at the foot of my bed.  This was an arrangement that Rufus the dog was happy with as well.
  7. My favourite cartoon character is Marvin the Martian.  I just love him to bits and have several Marvin animation cells including a production cell which hangs on my wall.  I also have two production cells from Carrotblanca (think Warner Bros does Casablanca), one of which was exhibited for a while in the Museum of the Moving Image, London.  In fact prompted by this list of things I’ve found Carrotblanca on the web and hopefully posted it below.

So there we have it.  Seven things you never wanted to know and will probably be hoping you can forget as well.  Now onto my five nominations…

So to borrow a line… ‘That’s all Folks!’  (well for today anyway)

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