Monday, 4 April 2011

The Natural History Museum

It never ceases to amaze me that places like the Natural History Museum are free.  So, spurred on by my visit to the Science Museum, I was up early yesterday to visit this wonderful place.  I won’t mention the horrific journey in and out of our nations capital, except to say it’s no wonder our rail service has such a bad reputation!


Anyway I just love these amazing old buildings and once there we set out exploring.  I had my camera grasped in my grubby little mitts much of the day and thought I’d share my favourite bit with you.


It’s part of the Earth science area and satisfied both my inner geek and my inner child……

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  1. It is an amazing place, I love it. A while ago I spent a day in London with my son, the morning he showed me his favourite bits and in the afternoon it was my turn. He took me to the Natural History Museum, the new earth galleries and the mineral gallery in one of the oldest parts. I took him for lunch in the resaurant on top of Waterstones and to the National Gallery. You just turn around and your children are educating you!