Saturday, 9 April 2011

Playing with a new toy

Those who know me well will tell you I love my little do-dar's, thing-me-bobs and uffa-doofas. In short little technological gadgets. Well I now have a new one, an iPod touch.

I've had an iPod Nano for ages but it's becoming pretty obvious that it's getting ready to go to silicon heaven. Enter the new iPod Touch.

I ordered it online from apple (to get the free engraving) and spent an anxious few days worrying about if I'd spelt the engraved message wrong and looking for deliverymen. Unfortunately it didn't arrive before the weekend so I told few myself I could manage till Monday without something I'd never had!

Monday came and I scampered home from work as soon as I dared and there it was, the 'we tried to deliver but' card on the mat. Excitedly I picked it up and looked to find out where the depot was and if I had to call to tell them I was on my way to collect it. That's where it all went wrong.

The card gave me a website to log onto to arrange to collect in person After what felt like forever trying to navigate a website so un-user-friendly it might have been designed by Martians, I discovered my 'local' collection point was an 80 mile round trip. Hmm, they must have a different definition of local. More time spent searching for how to change the delivery address - the card said I could do this online - led to more frustration. Eventually I phoned (premium rate number and kept on hold for ages) to be told they couldn't do that and I had to phone apple.

I'll admit that I was fairly grumpy by this point, but reports of stomping round the cottage ranting about it are overly exaggerated. I'm simply not able to stomp very well in my stocking feet!

So I phoned apple (0800 freephone number which helped to improve my mood) and the operator was really nice and happily changed the delivery address to my works address. My new toy would be with me the following day.

Except it wasn't. UPS tried to deliver it to my home address again. Another call to apple.

Fortunately it did arrive the day after that. Then the playing began hehe....

So far I've added a couple of photography apps which fall into the 'toy' category and some geeky stuff. Then I added a rss reader for reading the blogs I follow. Which naturally led onto wondering if I can write and post blog entries from my iPod.

A search of the app store said yes, but checking the reviews suggested many of the apps didn't do as they claimed. Eventually I found one that the reviewers agreed worked with blogger (it's called blogger+) and I'm tapping away on it now. I hope it works....

So I'm hoping I'm using the app correctly. I've just tried to add one of the 'manipulated' images from last weekend which I've been using to play with the photography apps. Now it's time to try publishing this post and returning to the serious business of searching for knitting apps....


  1. I love that image. What app did you use?

  2. It's called 100 cameras in 1. Basically it's 100 overlays which add effects to your images. I'm having fun with it but it is frustrating that it will convert your nice portrait or landscape images into square ones as you import them.