Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Knitting Daily iPod app review

I’ve taken the images off this post because of an email from Interweave.  I emailed them to let them know I had done a review of their app and that I had just used their screen grabs from the app store since I don’t know how to take screen grabs from an iPod.  Seemed like a common courtesy.  Unfortunately I’ve now received an emailed back saying that they are forwarding it to their legal department for ‘Follow up’.  I’m not exactly sure what that means but as a result I’ve taken the images down.  - edit done on 22nd April 2011.

One of the reasons for buying an iPod Touch was to play with some of the apps available.  Are any of you really surprised that some of them are knitting related?

I soon found plenty to choose from (unlike for my Blackberry) and thought I’d do some reviews.

First up is knitting daily by Interweave.  They have a website which can be found here.  If you don’t already know it then it’s worth checking out.  This is a free app and so there was no financial risk if I didn’t like it.  I clicked on the install button and waited to see exactly what I would get.

I also wondering about the reviewing bit.  I have no connection with Interweave so I can be completely honest about it all, but I’m a little worried that will lead to me waffling on and on.  So I decided that it would be best to try and answer four questions.  Then I could use the same format for any future reviews as well.  Ok then here we go (drum roll please)……

1.  What is the point, what does it do?

It appears to be aimed at complimenting a knitting life style and providing some useful reference information.  To do this the app comes in four parts.  ‘Latest Blogs’, ‘Latest Videos’ ‘Glossary’ and ‘Join Now’.

The Latest Blogs and Latest Videos will bring up lists (no surprise there) and tapping on an option brings up either the post or the video.  You can then favourite, comment or share.  I did get a little confused (yes I know it doesn’t take much) as the symbols for these appear on the main page, but only seem to work once you’re on the individual blog post or video page.

The content of the lists obviously changes over time and it was interesting to have a look through it all.  However, both these features require you to be connected to the internet.  If there is a way to download the information I didn’t see it.  So it’s not very convenient for knitting nights out.  It would be handy if this information could be stored in some way to be accessed while you’re offline.  I’m imagining showing blog posts to friends at knitting groups, or if you would like to refer back to a video on a new technique while away from home.

The Glossary was much better and you don’t need to be connected to access the information (much more useful on the move).  As you’d expect it’s a list of terms with definitions.  There are handy drawings included with some entries which clearly show some techniques such as Whipstitch or a Tubular Cast-On.  This bit I was impressed with.  My only quibble is it would have benefitted from a search option.  Naturally it would be nice to have more terms included but to be honest for a free app I was rather impressed.

The fourth part takes you to a page where you can sign up for the Knitting Daily newsletter.

2.  What did I like about it?

The Glossary without a doubt.  In fact I’ve already shown that part to a friend as a recommendation for a novice because of the drawings.

3.  What didn’t I like?

That you need to be connected to get all the functionality.  It would have been better if you could download the blog entries or videos to take with you on the move.

4.  Would I recommend it?

Yes.  At the end of the day this is a free app with some good information for both novice and more experienced knitters.

Unfortunately I haven’t yet worked out how to take screen shots from my iPod so these are screen grabs from iTunes.  I hoping they don’t mind……


  1. I wish Ravelry had an app. I'll try Knitting Daily's app. Does Knitty have one? I'm going to check.

  2. Hmmmm I've not found one by Knitty. It would be cool though wouldn't it :-)