Saturday, 15 January 2011

Still working on those projects…. Wrap Vest

This week has been a long and stressful one for me.  I’ve been late home every evening for a variety of reasons (mainly involving work) and as a result my knitting time has been severely reduced.  However, I’ve managed some progress on another of my unfinished projects.

Last year I found lots of Rowan Bamboo Tape on offer at a yarn shop near where my mother lives.  It was stupidly cheap and the inner bargain hunter in me just couldn’t let it go so a rather large pile is tucked away out of sight in the cottage.  I’d made a few things out of it already, it has a tendency to stretch so suitable projects are limited.


That's when I came across a pattern book from Patons.  Book 3759 to be precise.  A friend at one of the local knitting groups had it and before I knew what was happening I was sitting at home on my sofa with a copy.  Well it wasn’t my fault that they had a copy in one of the local shops now was it hehe……

I actually like quite a few patterns in this book but judged that the pattern on the cover looked good for the bamboo tape.  After all if it stretches then it shouldn’t matter to much.

Last summer I completed the garter stitch part but since it was my third bamboo project on the trot I decided to take a break from the yarn and knit a few other things for a while.

So after finishing Elle the Elephant last week I decided to cast on the next piece and continue with this project.  I’m doing the patterned trim pieces out of a second colour.  The main body is a chocolate colour so I’ve chosen a slightly off white.


It’s a simple pattern on the trim which I have used before for scarves and such.  Since it doesn’t take much concentration it’s been perfect this week when my mind has been worn out and tired by the time I made it home.  You know you’re over worked when the prospect of knitting and purling simply seems to much effort.


Basically you knit 3 rows  and then on the next row wrap the yarn twice around the needle.  This extra ‘stitch’ is then dropped on the next row giving the pattern.  This has been about all I’ve been up to this week. 

On a positive note I’ve moved this project into my nice new (and very appropriate for me) project bag.  This was a Christmas present from my friend Maytheweed.  A cotton tote bag with a slogan on the side.


I think that just about sums up my week……

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  1. Glad you like the bag :) That cardi's going to be great.