Saturday, 22 January 2011

A First :-)

Recently I set up a Folksy shop for the yarn I’ve been dyeing.  I love dyeing yarn using natural dyes, Turmeric, Alkanet, Madder etc…..  However I tend to dye much more than I could possibly knit up myself, and so Fantasia Yarns was born.

Libby DK 1

It’s named for my beloved cat (Fantasia) who is no longer with us.  She was very special though and the thought that she can live on in this way somehow makes me smile.

Libby DK 2

Anyway why am I mentioning all this right now?  Well yesterday I made my first online sale.

Libby DK 3

A DK in purple which I named Libby after my friend who loves her purple.

So I am excitedly packaging it up ready to go to it’s new home – I hope they enjoy knitting with it as much as I enjoyed dyeing it…

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