Monday, 24 January 2011

Is that an event horizon I see before me?

Have you read any of the Yarn Harlots books?  Have you heard about knitting black holes?  The theory goes like this……

You have a project which you work on for a while, and then (like all good knitters) you measure how long it is.  Now we could all pretend that we do this because we’re perfectionists and want to check our progress/gauge.  But lets be honest here folks…. you’re bored of the pattern and want to know how much is left before the next bit.

You measure it and it’s 15cm.  You have to continue with this pattern until your work measures 22cm.  So you put the kettle on and keep knitting.  Several hours later you measure your work again and it’s 15cm.  Puzzled you knit a few more rows and then measure again, 15cm.

You are stuck in a knitting black hole.  No matter how much you knit, how fast or for how long your knitting simply doesn’t grow.  Some strange quantum version of a black hole is sucking in all your knitting, time and effort.

I’m stuck in one of these right now and it’s a particularly mean and vindictive one.  I’ve been trapped for over a week.  I’ve been knitting, honestly I have.  But nothing is happening!  I know it must be growing as the number of balls of yarn in my project bag is going down at an alarming rate. Sob….

I’d post some photos of what I’m working on but there is no point as it looks exactly the same as the last time (it’s the Wrap Vest).  Sob sob….

Perhaps a cuppa tea will make it seem better – or a different tape measure.  This one may end up as a burnt offering soon….

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