Sunday, 16 January 2011

Best Intentions……

Remember all those good intentions about finishing projects off before starting any new ones?  Well does buying the stuff to do a project but not actually starting it count?  No! Phew….

poems-1Another local knitter Christine blogged earlier in the week about a fabulous scarf called Volna she had just finished.  So beautiful.  Unfortunately I read the post yesterday just before heading off to meet up with another friend at a cafe next to the Wool Cabin yarn shop in Clacton……  Yeah you know what happened.


poem-2The pattern suggests either a solid colour way or one with long colour repeats.  Now I know as soon as someone says long colour repeats many people immediately reach for the Noro yarns.  But instead I came home with two balls of Rico Design ‘Creative Poems’ Aran.  Different colours but both very very pretty.

Of course they might not end up as a Volna scarf but seriously, at least I had an excuse to buy the yarn.  I normally don’t even bother with an excuse.  Hey come on, give me some credit for at least coming up with an excuse…… 


  1. Hee-hee - always happy to be an enabler! I think Volna will look lovely in the Creative Poems.

  2. I came out with a few balls too, but mine is going to be knitted into sock samples to try out my new designs. (psst... we wont mention the the pattern books you got too!!!)