Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Years Resolutions….

Do you make resolutions each year?  Do you ever keep them?

I don’t on both counts.  I don’t make them and hence don’t keep them.  I’ve always thought that if you come up with a good idea to improve your life why wait until a random day in the year.  Start straight away!

So while I was ill before Christmas I decided it would be a good idea to finish off all the works in progress I’ve got piled on top of my stash at the top of the stairs.  This always seems like a lot to me.  Occasionally I build up the courage to peek at them, but I’ve been told it’s really not.  Anyway following the ‘strike while the iron is hot’ idea, I picked up a sock that I had started a couple of months ago.  I love knitting socks and as yet have never suffered from the dreaded second sock syndrome.  However, I did loose my sock knitting mojo a couple of months ago and for the first time ever a sock went into the unfinished pile.

Sock number one however is now duly finished…


and sock number two is on it’s way.


The yarn is one of my own colourways in a two ply BFL and I’m happy with how it’s knitting up.

I’m sure the sock knitters out there will be groaning with the fact that these are plain socks.  They are… I’ll admit it… I only knit plain socks… Why?  Because I had enough trouble getting the gauge right when I started knitting socks without adding pattern into the mix.  I use 2 mm needles and knit a size smaller than the pattern says to get them to come out right.  I love all those fancy sock patterns you see but the thought of putting all that work in (not to mention working out how to change them to a 56 stitch cast on) and then finding that the gauge is off – well that just brings me out in a cold sweat.  So it’s plain sock for this girlie.

What will be next out of the pile once that second sock is finished?  Hmm not sure about that yet…  We’ll just have to see which one takes my fancy ;-)

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