Saturday, 8 January 2011

Some finished projects…..

So following on from my desire to reduce the number of unfinished projects I’ve been working on a couple.  This week has been busy as it’s been back to work and a few other personal things going on.  I won’t mention them as they’re other peoples stories and I’m just there in a supporting role, but even support roles take time.

Anyway back to the knitting.  I finished off the ‘Phoenix Tail’ socks that I mentioned in a previous post.  (Then I broke my decision to not start any new projects until the UFO’s had disappeared and cast on another pair of sock in Alpaca – but lets not talk about that).  I just love hand knit socks and having some out of my home dyed yarn makes this pair extra special Winking smile

So I then moved onto Elle the Elephant.  This is actually Elijah by Ysolde which I am doing in a silk yarn I got at Ally Pally this year.  I’d been doing really well with this pattern (despite my gauge lying to me – nasty gauge swatch) then for some reason Elle ended up on the craft dresser at the top of the stairs and when I went to pick up some knitting my hands went to another project.  I don’t know why as the bulk of the work had been done, but such is life and the whimsy of knitting.

I don’t knit many toys so this was the first time I had done one where there is no sewing up afterwards.  Have I ever mentioned how much I loath, detest and outright hate sewing up?  Well I do, so it’s been interesting and fun working on a project that has none.  It’s knit in the round with you picking up stitches to start new parts of the body.  This means you also stuff as you go along giving a real sense of the elephant growing and forming.  One more ear left to go and there’ll be another finished project……

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