Sunday, 14 November 2010

I liked it so much I’m making another one….

Remember that blue hat I made?  The one I photographed down the woods with the help of Pebbles the dog…  Well I liked it so much I’m making another one.

hat 3

Yesterday we had a road trip to Woodbridge in Suffolk.  A new yarn shop has opened up and naturally we wanted a peek…. Well wouldn’t you?  Unfortunately I forgot my camera so no shots of yarn shops for you to oggle at (I know I’m always oggling at photos of yarn shops on peoples blogs) but I can give you a link to their website.  It’s called Twist and we enjoyed looking at all the lovely yarn there.  They’ve only been open a week so I was a little disappointed as a lot of their stock such as Manos del Uruguay hasn’t arrived yet.

However we did get a peek at the room which is being kitted out for workshops at the back and given it’s not to far away I’m going to be keeping an eye open to see if there will be anything of interest going on.  I understand that there will be courses in the new year so hopefully not to long to wait.

We also visited a more established shop called Anjays which sold yarn and fabric.  It was a much smaller shop but one of those you can mooch about in (provided you can find the room).  I do love a good mooch….

hat 1So anyway I came home with two balls of Tapestry yarn by Rowan.  I’ve knit with this before and it’s a nice double knit.  I have mixed feelings about Rowan as so many of the balls I’ve had in the past have contained knots.  I know some knots are going to happen but with Rowan I find a lot more than I think I should.

Anyway those two balls are being knit together into another Weekender hat by Woolly Wormhead.

If this hat works as well as the last one then I’ll be a happy little knitter!

Unfortunately The weather cut short our trip to the woods today.  Once again I forgot my camera so it’s just piccys from my phone I’m afraid.  The scarf is made from yarn I bought at The Yarn Gallery a few weeks back.  I love the colours and I’m hoping that the new Weekender hat will work with it.  













Pebbles ran and ran and ran and ran around in circles.  I did take some video on my phone but as yet I’ve been unable to work out how to transfer it to my computer.  Maybe I’ll get it uploaded during the week……

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  1. Looking good :) the scarf is very pretty