Saturday, 27 November 2010

Autumn has left and Winter has arrived…..

Well the autumnal leaves have left the trees and Jack Frost has come to play every morning.  Pebbles and Jake woke me early this morning as they haven’t yet got the hang of weekends.  As a struggled my coat on over the top of my jimjams I looked out of the lounge window to be greeted by frost and mist.  I knew that there was no way that Jake would wait while I got my camera so I stuffed my mobile in my pocket and off we went out into the cold.


The scene as I stood there was beautiful but given the limitations of my camera phone and that I was attached to a dog by a lead I only managed a quick shot of some of the frost covered leaves on the grass near the cottage.

The cold has been an on going feature of life in this beautiful part of England this week.  Many of my friends work in schools so the subject of possible snow days has never been far away.  For me the cold means something else….. time to look for ways to keep warm!  This week that involved using the cooker to do some dyeing in the kitchen.  I love this…..  I love the magic of watching the colours change, even though I know it’s really chemistry.


This beautiful purple has been named ‘Libby’ and has already been nabbed by a friend.



This particular colour was a pig to photograph.  The colours just kept overpowering the image. (grump grump)




Right then off to play with my yarn hehe…..


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  1. Yay! Winter and Yarn! :D

    I'm enjoying thinking of things to make with my yarn.