Sunday, 7 November 2010

Testing, testing, 1, 2, testing…..

Ok then this is a test posting…  I’m trying out Windows Live Writer as I’ve heard it is much better than using the Blogger Dashboard.  So naturally I have to check it out.

Of course than means I need something to write about so here is Fire the cat.  Also known as Firekins or Baby. I have no particular reason for sharing this photo with you except I want to play with the settings on Windows Live Writer and I love my cat.  He’s a cream point Siamese and a Holy Terror when it comes to attacking yarns balls.  His favourite is when I’m winding a ball onto the ball winder.  If it’s dancing around the floor then it was obviously meant for him to chase…

Hmmm… I’m liking this Live Writer…  Right then must go and take some photos of yarn based projects so that I have an excuse to write another craft based post later hehe…

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