Monday, 25 October 2010

The Bear with no name - has a name.....

A few weeks ago I decided to make a knitted teddy bear.  The pattern is a free download by Debbie Bliss that I found on Ravelry.  He was so much fun to knit but once finished he obviously needed a name.  But I just couldn't  find it.  I emailed some friends with pictures and asked their opinion but nothing really seemed to work.  Then via a few people a name gradually emerged.  

Ollie the Hopefull Bear

However upon hearing the name my mam burst out grinning and asked when I was going to make Stan to keep him company.  Hmmmm..... do you think Laurel and Hardy would approve?

Did I mention that my mam is visiting?  She arrived on Saturday and on Sunday we visited Wolverstone Hall which is home to Ipswich High School for GIrls.  Why?  I'd seen some signs for a craft exhibition.  Called Peninsular Crafts this turned out to be quite an interesting afternoon and there was even tea and cake ;-)

I really liked this painting and the baskets.  They seemed to sit together so wonderfully well even though they were by different people.  The painting had lovely texture and if I'd been able to aford it I'd have been very very tempted.  As for the baskets I just kept wondering how wonderful they would look with yarn in them hehe......

This was part of a larger wall hanging which was made up of all sorts of things.  I liked the colours that the face was made up of.

One thing that I'm finding more and more when I look at crafts sych as quilting etc is I spend more time wondering how I would make them than actually wanting to buy or own them.  I'm used to this with knitted items, like many knitters I tend to look and think 'HHhhmmmmm  I could make that and if I did I tweek this and change that just a little bit......'  But up until recently I've not had this desire or reacting with other crafts.  Kind of makes me wonder how long it's going to be before I add another craft to my ever growing list........

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