Saturday, 23 October 2010

The washing machine is talking about going on strike!

I have a lovely washing machine which I treasure.  It's amazing how you can love a household appliance.  My last one flooded the cottage when it died and the replacement took a few weeks to be bought and installed etc.....  It's amazing how much we rely on these devices.  As a result this one is loved and cherished.  BUT, it's threatening to go on strike due to over work this week.

Remember how I was whinging about a headache last weekend?  Well by Monday morning I was ill.  That horrible ill where you can move about but only in a zombie like fashion..... the brain is functioning just enough to control your legs on the way to the bathroom but any form of normal reasoning etc is just not happening.  I didn't make it into work but did drag myself in on Tuesday morning.  By mid-morning though I was heading home as it was obvious to all that if I didn't I'd probably keel over before the day was out.  Fortunately I woke up on Wednesday feeling fine.  However, (and this is where the washing machine comes in) I have this strange thing when I'm ill.  I wash things.  No I don't know why.....  I just tend to wash things in my zombie state.

So the washing machine had been working hard during my illness......

Then on Wednesday, Pebbles the mad puppy dog decided it was appropriate to wee all over my bed rather than ask to be let outside.

More washing, duvet, blanket, sheets........  Oh and don't forget about the normal washing that a household with two dogs and three cats generates......

You starting to see a pattern here?

So here we are on Saturday morning and..... yes you guessed it..... the washing machine is hard at work yet again.  Another duvet this time as Jake really has hurt himself.  Remember the jumping up and down incident last weekend?  Well it now looks like he's broken the end off one of the bones in his leg.  The vets aren't exactly sure at the moment but as a result he's sleeping in my bedroom so I can keep an eye on him.  I have no problem comforting him at night etc but I simply can't cope with a duvet covered in dog fur......  So the washing machine has definitely been the hero of the week in this household.

This is Jake on holiday in Scotland earlier this year.  I did wonder about taking a piccy of him with his bright red bandage all up his back leg, but seriously, who wants to look at photos of a sick dog on a blog!

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