Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Work In Progress

This last week has been busy and unfortunately sewing machine-less.  So I decided to spend my little sewing time working on my version of the Forever Friends Bag by Lynette Anderson.

I decided to do the motif as simple stitchery instead of appliqué.  In part because I really need the hand stitching practice and partly because I can do it sitting on the sofa watching tv.


It also gave me a wonderful excuse to buy more of the variegated threads that are available.  Yeah, yeah I know… any excuse hehe…

I’m not quite finished as I’m super slow with hand stitching but I’m having fun.  Ooooo and my sewing machine is now back home safely much to my relief.  Thanks to everyone who sent their prayers and good vibes for his return.

1 comment:

  1. Wow - it looks great - have you put a stabiliser on the back of your fabric? I always use a soft iron-on interfacing, like vilene 4o5. It gives the fabric a bit of "body" and also, I prefer to use an embroidery hoop, to keep the fabric taut - this stops the stitches from puckering and keeps the tension even :)