Saturday, 2 July 2011

Please say a little prayer

Friends.  Please take a moment to bow your heads and say a little prayer to whatever deity you believe in, or if you don’t believe, to just send out healing vibes into the universe.

A member of the household is sick.  Exactly how sick is not yet known and we are determined to remain hopefully at this point in time.  My beloved Brother Star 120E has been hospitalised.


This photo of the patient was snapped quickly on my mobile just before heading off in the car to drop him off.

It started with a small snuffle in which the occasional sneeze caused  a brief tensioning problem.  However over a few weeks the sneezing has worsened until there was nothing to do but face the inevitable.  The sewing machine equivalent of phoning NHS direct.  The advice given along with much searching on the internet led to one inevitable conclusion.  Hospitalisation and full diagnosis by a professional was in order.  Given this will involve invasive procedures I took care to reassure him it would be as painless as possible.  If a transplant is needed he will go immediately on the transplant list and I won’t rest until I find a suitable donor.

So please spare a moment to think positive healing thoughts and pray for a speedy return home for my beloved sewing machine.


  1. Sending healing vibes and wishing a happy and speedy recovery Brother Star 120E.

    Seems to be a lot of sewing machine ailments going about at the moment, fingers crossed my trusty Janome doesn't come down with anything.

  2. Oh dear - hope you've got lots of hand sewing and knitting to keep your mind off your poorly machine - hope the diagnosis isn't terminal and your machine is soon safely home with you again :)