Thursday, 7 July 2011

Isn’t it weird…

Isn’t it weird when normally separate areas of your life join up.  This happened to me today when I was reading a colleagues copy of New Scientist.  This issue was a few weeks old but an article caught my eye which I thought you might be interested in.

It was about a 5 year project called Leapfrog (yes it’s an acronym, no I don’t remember what for) that has been working towards automated custom tailoring.  The basic idea is that you would be scanned by lasers that would then adjust various ‘standard’ patterns to your measurements.  Changes could then be made by you, to provide even more individuality, and then at the press of a button your info would whoosh off to an automated factory.  That’s where all the robots would make your made to measure suit or garment.


I swiped this image off the Leapfrog website.

They had some pretty funky ideas in there as well such as metal mesh adjustable tailors dummies the controlling computer could easily alter to your exact size.  Then pins would pop out and hold the fabric in place (yes I had many macabre thoughts at that point in the article). 

It was all fascinating stuff but the guy they interviewed from Savile Row didn’t seem concerned by the competition.  He believed that lasers and computer software would never be able to replace the judgement of a good tailor.  I hope he’s right… if the robots get so sophisticated they can offer sensible fashion advice, I think we’re in serious trouble as a society.  I mean just imagine what a hacker could do!?!

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