Monday, 11 July 2011

I’m feeling like I have multiple personalities

I don’t know about anyone else but with a blog, website, smugmug, flickr, twitter and the Gods only know what else, I’m feeling like I have some sort of split personality.

There are bits here, bits there and all with different looks etc.  Well my brain can’t cope anymore, so a couple of weeks ago I decided they all needed consolidating somehow.  A similar look and feel would be a start but even better would be to pull everything together, preferably in one place.

Decision made the madness truly started.  I swear I’ll go bald from all the hair pulling if I don’t get it sorted soon.  I’ve spent hours poring over support files and even resorted to asking for help at work.  The upshot of all this stress is that the hosting for the websites has been changed and I’ve reluctantly come to the conclusion that the blog must move as well.

Blogger has been brilliant but it simply doesn’t provide me with the level of control I’m now looking for – or if it does I can’t figure out how to do it.

So the upshot is that if you’d like to keep following my ramblings on life, the universe and 42 you will need to look here…

This blog will stay here so hopefully any links to it will remain valid but all new posts will be on the new blog.

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