Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A little bit of Sunshine

I love hand knit socks, but suffered terribly trying to get gauge when I first started knitting them.  As a result I’ve shied away from patterned versions ever since.  However, after advising someone to face their fear of failure I decided I should take my own advice and cast on.


The chosen pattern is Sunshine by cookie a from her Sock Innovation book.


So far things seem to be going to plan and it looks a lot better when I try it on.  Unfortunately I’m lousy at photographing my own feet so I’ve been forced to substitute a febreeze can.


I’m currently working my way down the foot of the first sock but thought I’d share now rather than waiting till they’re finished.


Oh, and on a separate note I promised to report back on the Frixion pens I bought for marking fabric.  So far I have been unable to work out how to rub or use friction to erase the pen lines on a fabric.  They do however disappear easily with a bit of heat from an iron.


  1. Ooh the socks are looking amazing :)

  2. they look even better in real life, can't wai to see the finished pair.