Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Cambridge Botanic Garden

A little while ago I visited the Botanic Garden in Cambridge for half a day.  I was rather excited about this after my fabulous day at the Durham Botanic Garden a while back.  Naturally I packed my camera for the day and planned on editing all the photographs then showing you all in one go.


It’s not quite worked out like that.  Mainly because life has taken over and robbed me of the time to sit and go through all the shots.  So here are just a few.


There was a beautiful lake area where you could sit and watch the world go by.


Some of the small flowers were the most captivating.


There were also lots of glasshouses, both hot and cold.  Wandering through them you should definitely look up.  By my feet were the pretty orchids from a few posts back and above my head this lovely glass ceiling.  I hate to say it but this is one of my favourite shots of the day.  I just love that style of architecture.


And you should also look back.  The path winding it’s way through these bamboo was the route I took out of the garden.  I glanced back and loved the way the light was coming through them.

Maybe my life will calm down soon and I’ll get the edit the rest to show you……

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  1. Beautiful pics so far. I look forward to future installments!