Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winter finally arrives…

Well after hearing stories on the news about how the weather has brought other parts of the country to chaos, the snow has finally reached East Anglia.

It’s still no where near as bad as other parts of the country and don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining or doing the ‘oh it’s horrific – the end of the world is nigh’ routine that some people are doing.  That said I am glad I have a snow day today.  It’s my first ever!

winter 1

Yes you heard me right…..  My first EVER snow day. This is the view on the patio at the back of the cottage.  Now I know this doesn’t look very impressive but you have to remember how rarely we get snow.  To me this is a strange sight and it’s pretty much all from snowfall overnight as well.

Last year was a bad winter for us down here and the snow didn’t come till much later on.  Part of me is wondering if that means I will have huge heating bills again……?  But then I remember that last year my boiler broke and I was without heating or hot water for 3 weeks during the worst of the snow.  Sparkly new boiler is much more efficient and also under warrantee…. Breathes a sigh of relief….

I also go caught out in the snow last year coming home from knitting one night.  What should have been a 20 minute drive turned into a 15 and a half hour epic saga.  It must have been a strange sight, some mad woman stranded in her car on a duel carriageway knitting by the light of the street lights at 3 am as the snow continued to pile up.  My car now has heat pads and a blanket in it permanently.

So it’s curl up on the sofa with the dogs and get out my knitting time.  I found a pattern for a beautiful shawl the other night on Ravelry and decided to cast on with some lace weight I bought this summer.  I’m not a fast lace knitter, the shawl I knit recently for my mother took me 5 weeks!  But the results are oh so pretty…..

Hmm…. I’m off to pop the kettle on and get out those pointy sticks Winking smile


  1. I wanna see the shawl but the link doesn't work! Boo! :P

  2. Sorry it's on e a downloaded a while back. I know it was free on Ravelry but will have to find it again.