Sunday, 19 December 2010

Winter on the Stour

Well after once again being the last part of the country to be hit by snow it finally arrived last night.  This afternoon I braved the white stuff to pop into Manningtree to get a few supplies for the beasties just in case it decides to get worse.  I’ve given up on checking the weather forecast as it never seams to bear much relation to what goes on outside my window.

As I drove along the River Stour I couldn’t believe it when I saw the the ‘mud flats’ which flood at high tide were completely frozen over.



Those grey bits aren’t water but huge sheets of ice.  I pulled up at the side of the road and snapped these quick shots with the camera on my phone.  It would have been nice to take some proper shots with my ‘real’ camera but given how bad the roads are I’m not going back just to take some photographs!  I’m going to stay inside in the warm, drink tea and knit….

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