Saturday, 18 June 2011

Cream Nic Nac Bag

Today I visited Nicola for some general sewing chat, meet the new puppy and to get some top tips for making little make up / nic nac bags.


Nicola is the queen of bag making and it was fascinating to hear some of her little tricks of the trade.  I even made a little quilted bag!  That’s it in the piccys – the cream one.  No it’s not wonkey, it’s the terrible camera on my phone hehe.  I also snapped it next to some similar bags which Nicola had already made.  All in all I think it held up ok.

Naturally there were cups of tea, some fabric shopping and lots of cuddles with Jasper the new puppy.  Of course this meant I had to undergo a full blown sniff inspection from my own dawgies when I arrived home.

Now all I have to do is remember how I made that bag and try to reproduce it without the guru at my side……


  1. Ohhhh - never been called a guru before hehe!! Your bag looked great - might have to make a few more cream ones myself now you've inspired me :)

  2. Ahh but you're such a fountain of knowledge on this sort of stuff - I feel it's an appropriate term ;)